Outdoor recreation is a cornerstone of our community

With an abundance of opportunities, we want to make sure locals and visitors have an enjoyable place to pursue recreational activities.


The community forest is used for skiing, snowmobiling, mountain biking, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), hunting, fishing, boating, and hiking. Since its inception, BLCF has supported recreation opportunities through more than $1 million dollars.

BLCF also keeps recreational users up to date on forest management, operations, and protection measures and provides groups opportunities to share input or ask questions.

Some of the groups and users that make up the recreational community within the BLCF include:

Burns Lake Mountain Biking Association

Supported by the BLCF through donations and in-kind services for Boer Mountain Recreational area. Supporting trail and campground expansions, development, and maintenance.

Burns Lake Airsoft Association

Supported by the BLCF through donations and in-kind services for trail development and maintenance.

Burns Lake Snowmobile Club

Supported through in-kind and financial considerations to develop, enhance, and maintain snowmobile trails north of Burns Lake through the community forest area base licence.

Community Firefighting Training

Supported through use of land and funds contributed to building new burn training facility.

Lakes Outdoor Recreation Society

Supported through donations and in-kind services annually to maintain recreation sites and trails. LORS is a not-for profit society that manages sites in the Lakes District.

Omineca Ski Club

Supported through construction of trails, biathlon range, and ongoing work with the club for trail expansion.

Visit links to our active trail systems:

These trials are closed or difficult to pass through due to mountain pine beetle blowdown:

  • Opal Beds Trail
  • Star Lake Trail System