Letter to Editor Lakes District News

Letter to Editor Lakes District News, 

This notice is sent on behalf of the Burns Lake Community Forest to inform and notify the public that we do not spray glyphosate as part of our reforestation or vegetation management programs in the K1A licence area within Nadina District.

In reviewing historical records, Burns Lake Community Forest has never completed any broad scale spraying or treatment using glyphosate as a vegetation or reforestation management objective.
Our commitment to our Forest Stewardship Certification, our First Nations, and our Community Members, is to be as pesticide and herbicide free as operationally possible. Since 2016, even our seedlings used for reforestation of harvested areas are grown without the application of pesticides in the Nursery. Our seedlings are supplied by Woodmere Nursery in Telkwa.

We hope that you can enjoy a fruitful 2021 berry season and we only ask that you follow safe road user procedures when on BLCF roads and that you are respectful of the land during your activities. Currently, the roads are quite busy due to the industrial activities of pipeline works and harvesting activities.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Community Forest office at 250-692-7724 or moc.rofmoclb@rofni

Frank Varga RPF
General Manager
Burns Lake Community Forest Ltd