Burns Lake Community Forest Ltd works closely with local forest professionals who support many aspects of our technical and professional needs. We’re committed to developing local employment opportunities, as outlined in our policies and directives for contract procurement.

In recent years, the Community Forest provided approximately 32 full-time equivalent positions of employment in areas such as forest development, forest estate planning, cutblock harvesting, road maintenance and road building, silviculture survey and planting, seedling growing, brushing, and site preparation opportunities

We provide opportunities for First Nation companies, training, and capacity building as a key objective within our operations. BLCF works closely with First Nation companies such as Yinka Dene Limited Partnership (YLP), and annually explores opportunities to work directly with the Burns Lake Native Development Corporation to deliver on annual and seasonal operational goals. Indirectly, our log supply agreement supports Hampton Lumber, employing Burns Lake Native Logging (BLNL) for harvest operations.