Boer Mountain Blowdown

The Burns Lake area and in particular Boer Mountain experienced a severe windstorm in the fall of 2022. This windstorm brought down large tracks of large mature spruce trees through the mountain bike trail system within Boer Mountain. In collaboration with Ride Burns, Sites & Trails BC and The Ministry of Forest, we are working on developing a comprehensive strategic plan to action the areas of the blowdown. The focus will be the fall/winter of 2023. In the meantime please be advised that currently the trails are closed until qualified crews can complete proper and safe falling and tension removal of blowdown trees across the trail systems.

Please respect the closures by monitoring Trailforks App or Ride Burns’ social media for updates.

Please DO NOT take matters into your own hands and start clearing trails. Many of the trees have root wads under great tension and should only be felled and buck by a certified and qualified feller.