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Lakes Outdoor Recreation Society

Lakes Outdoor Recreation Society (LORS)

In 2002, the Ministries of Environment and Forests considered decommissioning recreation sites and trails in the Lakes District.  A meeting of concerned community stakeholders was held to protest this consideration which resulted in continued contributions of supplies and liability coverage.  Burns Lake Community Forest Ltd. (BLCF) then helped to form the non-profit Lakes Outdoor Recreation Society. BLCF has since donated both monetarily and in-kind to numerous projects.

LORS employs two local contractors from May to September who maintain 28 recreation sites and 2 provincial parks within the Lakes District.  A membership of 41 citizens and 9 active executive officers work hard to ensure that LORS has the necessary contributions to continue maintaining the sites that our community enjoys every summer, as well as promoting tourism and healthy lifestyles.

Burns Lake Community Forest Ltd. donated $30,000 for this year’s maintenance season, as well as $38,000 for upgrades to recreation sites within the community forest.



Agate Point, Guyishton Lake, Eagle Creek, Maxan Lake, Divisions Lake, Pinkut Lake, Augier Lake, Taltapin Lake, Co-op Lake, Richmond Lake, Government Point, McClure Pit, Binta Lake South, Binta Lake North, Indian Bay, Uncha Lake, Takysie Lake, Knapp Lake, Moose Lake, Trout Lake, Colleymount, West Francois, Lund Lake, Ootsa Lake, Eastern Lake, Noralee West, Noralee East and Kager Lake.


Ethel M. Wilson and Pendleton Bay.


 2014 LORS Lakes District Recreation Maps can be bought for $4 each
at the Comfor building.


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