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The community forest contains lands with significant recreation value.  Local residents utilize the community forest for skiing, snowmobiling, mountain biking, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), hunting, fishing, boating, and hiking. Burns Lake Community Forest Ltd. has worked extensively with the Lakes Outdoor Recreation Society (LORS) in its mandate to maintain local recreation sites and trails and has donated both monetarily and in kind to numerous projects since 2001.

BLCF provided funding for the 2014 maintenance season with a donation of $30,000, as well as continued in-kind support to the Lakes Outdoor Recreation Society (LORS).  In 2015 BLCF matched that amount and also contributed $38,000 for upgrades to the recreation sites within the community forest.

BLCF and Comfor contributed $80,326.20 to local education, service, clubs, outdoor recreation, recreation facilities, sporting teams, and events in the local area in 2014

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