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Community Support

Various forest users and community sectors engage with the community forest including the Omineca Ski Club, Burns Lake Mountain Biking Club, Burns Lake Paintball Association, and Burns Lake Fire Training Society.

This year CMSL entered into a 25-year lease agreement with the Burns Lake Fire Training Society for a piece of property located on the old Endako River Timber site.  The society intends on establishing a firefighter training facility for members to develop their skills and invite other fire departments and organizations to use the site.  BLCF has similar agreements with the Burns Lake Mountain Biking Association and the Burns Lake Paintball Association.

The majority of the Omineca Ski Club Trails are encompassed by, but outside the tenure area of K1A.  BLCF has consturcted short conector trails for the club, contributed to the constructuion of a biathlon range, and is cooperating with the club for trails expansion using roads no longer required for harvesting.  BLCF also helped to fund its Annual Lakes Loppet Event.

First Nations groups have a long history of using the area now occupied by K1A.  Historical trails such as the Maxan Trail and the Old Babine Trail cross K1A.  The Nadina Forest District maintains Cultural Heritage Resource Mapping which identifies known archaeological sites associated with First Nations in the K1A area.  BLCF will continue to cooperate with First Nations and other groups in identifying potential archaeological sites and carrying out archaeological impact assessments as required.


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