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Please be advised that Burns Lake Community Forest Ltd. (BLCF) has initiated the
public review period starting with the data package for a new Allowable Annual Cut
(AAC) request and Management Plan #4 submission for the Community Forest
Agreement K1A licence. This is a separate process from the Nadina District Timber
Supply Review. The BLCF is an area-based tenure, governing this process under
different sections of the Forest Act.

BLCF has been communicating the proceedings of this plan since the fall of 2017
through its annual public open house, community communication, Comfor Management
Services Ltd.’s Annual General Meeting, First Nations community meeting
presentations, and local societies meetings (Lakes District Fall Fair, Tchesinkut Lake
Watershed Society, Lakes District Arts Council, Tweedsmuir Park Rod & Gun Club).
It is very clear to the Burns Lake Community Board that the Mountain Pine Beetle
Mitigation Project, prepared by provincial experts, can support the local community and
the forest industry while ensuring environmental sustainability.

The Burns Lake Community Forest board of directors has the expectation that
implementation of the proceedings of the Mountain Pine Beetle Mitigation Project must
resolve key outstanding items prior to a new AAC determination and approval of a new
Management Plan;

1. Approval of an alternative landscape connectivity matrix (LCM) for the
BLCF—a major component of the MPBMP;
2. Implementation of key strategies envisioned by the Land Resource
Management Plan (LRMP);
a. low biodiversity emphasis option as it applies to the BLCF;
b. management of scenic areas in the BLCF.

This letter formalizes and initiates the ministry process for public, stakeholder, and First
Nations engagement. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
The data package can be viewed below or during regular working hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
weekdays) or via a private appointment at the following address and/or by sending your
request to info@blcomfor.com

      153 Francois Lake Dr, Burns Lake, B.C.


Data package link:    BLCF_Data_Package_November_29_2018

Please provide comments/questions to:

Frank Varga RPF
General Manager
Burns Lake Community Forest Ltd.
(250)-692-7724 ext. 227

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